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Becoming ME Today

Believe in yourself!

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Life Coach Roxanne 

As a single mother, I have overcome many obstacles: emotional struggles, financial hardship, relationship challenges, and confidence within myself. Im looking forward to helping you overcome any challenges that you may be facing. I will help you make your hopes and dreams a reality and you will become the best version of yourself.


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Testimonials from My Clients

Straight from the Source

Roxanne was one of the only people that I would come to vent about my horrible breakup, depression and wanting to finish what I started  years ago "college". Since then,m she`s been on me every semester from the last year and a half. She has also helped me grow within myself to be the right person for the future. I am now in a healthy relationship and finally enrolled into school. 

Client O.

Coach Roxanne has thought me the importance of self love and to remember my needs are important. How can I continue to take care of a household if I don't take time for me. She also helped me to over come some of my stubborn way.

It is sometimes easy to see the type of person you are, but when you are able to see the growth within yourself, it is an amazing feeling.


So I lack consistency and with Coach Roxanne help, I was able to bounce back during postpartum. I got into the best shape since my college fitness years. I did my 1st bodybuilding show by completing as a wellness competition. Also I purchased my 1st investment property with her guidance, by focusing on patience and always keeping God first.

Client AD

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